News Bois à l’honneur

Bois à l’honneur

15 février 2018 Studio Vertebra, agence d’architecture turque, a remporté deux prix pour la conception de Novawood Office and Showroom Building à Istanbul.  Le lieu doté d’une avec structure flexible répond à différents besoins en combinant les fonctions d’espace événementiel de showroom et de bureau. Novawood Office and Showroom Building, entreprise opérant dans le secteur …

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All Window Scantling

Window Scantling

Novawood makes a difference with its woodwork that is produced with special sorting and high technological infrastructure. Thermowood process not only improves the stability of the wood but also offers a great advantage in terms of insulation thanks to its low lambda value. In addition to being able to produce as fingerjoints, the outer layers …

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All Provocative Colour, High Performance

Provocative Colour, High Performance

novathermowood Ash Decking Ash is a hardwood with a high number of grains, and features an aesthetic look with its wavy texture. These features make novathermowood Ash Decking a multi-purpose, aesthetic and a durable material. If you seek an elegant look to highlight your terraces and backyards, durable and reliable novathermowood Ash Decking is the …

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All Specially Designed Furniture

Specially Designed Furniture

EXTRAORDINARY AND ELEGANT Novawood transforms the natural beauty of wood and its traditional structure into collections suitable for today’s trends and it responds to various expectations for living spaces with specially designed furniture products. Different design furniture products from each other, especially obtained from solid walnut and manufactured with different tree species, give an elegant, …

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All novathermowood Design Products

novathermowood Design Products

CURLY DECKING novathermowood Novawood Curly decking is the first new pattern decking which has been created by Novawood. The name CURLY is originating from its curved shape and it is a unique decking for those who always want to taste the extraordinary. Together with its hidden fastening system the curly decking is easy to install …

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All Gorgeous Bostanlı Bridge doubles as public park, designed for sunset watching

Gorgeous Bostanlı Bridge doubles as public park, designed for sunset watching

This beautiful footbridge in Izmir, Turkey, offers much more than a passage from one side of Bostanlı Creek to the other. The timber-clad bridge doubles as a public park with a cascading seating structure that complements the adjacent Bostanlı Sunset Lounge. Studio Evren Başbuğ: steb designed both the bridge and lounge area as vibrant urban spaces that offer stunning …

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All Why thermal modification?

Why thermal modification?

Incomparable natural process combined with novawood’s sustainable production line makes novathermowood products most durable, stable and trusted material for indoors & outdoors. Novawood, which has maintained its innovative company policy since its inception, produces wide range of thermowood products. You can build your terrace with many choices… Your choice will show you the difference in your surrounding …

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All Bostanlı Footbridge & Sunset Lounge

Bostanlı Footbridge & Sunset Lounge

In alignment with the masterplan decisions of ‘Karşıkıyı’ concept, ‘Bostanlı Footbridge’, was proposed to connect two sides of Bostanlı Creek and thus to complete one of the missing pieces of the continuous coastal promenade. With its slightly bow shaped longitudinal-section and specially designed girder geometry, the bridge allows the passage of small boats underneath and …

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All Thermowood


Thermowood is a thermal modification procedure that preserves wood in its most natural and flawless state for a life-long journey. The first heat treated wood was produced in the 1930s by German scientists Stamm and Hansen and in the 1940s by American scientist White. Research was continued in the 1950s by Bavendam, Runkel and Buro. In …

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All Timber Design and Technology

Timber Design and Technology

Welcome to our Dubai WoodShow edition. As the official publication of the only exhibition for the wood and woodworking industry in the MENA region, our cover features the ‘Bostanlı Sunset Lounge’, designed by Studio Evren Basbug Architects, who have used thermally-modified American ash to create a new integrated coastal attraction in Izmir, Turkey. We take …

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